It starts with listening. We understand and share your goals. We become your partner, offer our ideas, and together we can develop a workable plan. We quickly turn around a budget for you that is organized and thorough. We work hard to save you time, money and stress.

We can provide a complete schedule that covers: Event Planning, Rehearsals, Equipment Load-In, Performance/Event, Set-Up, Load-Out

We can handle any and all of the staffing: Production Managers, Audio Engineers, Projectionists, Technical Directors, Lighting Designers, Lighting Technicians, Entertainers, Stage Managers, Stagehands

We can provide Equipment: Musical Instruments, Video Screens, Projectors, Lighting, Sound, Staging, Cameras, Scenery, Tents

In short, we take care of whatever you may need to have an exciting, memorable and flawless event. We handle the 1,001 little things that add up to a big show.

We bid it right. We plan it right. We do it right.